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Get Turkish Citizenship.

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  • Property can be sell after 3 years with profit.
  • High rental value on property, because Turkey is tourism hub.
  • Visa Free entry in 110 countries
  • Get Free medical facilities
  • Get Free education for your kids till high sch

Get Turkish Residence.

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  • No obligation on minimum or maximum stay.
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  • Study in Turkey

    1. Quality of Education

    1.  The higher education sector in Turkey has undergone a virtual revolution in the last couple of decades. It is not just the number of universities, which has increased markedly, but the quality of the education offered has also greatly improved too. The 2014 Times Higher Education BRICS & Emerging Economies Rankings had three Turkish Universities ranked in the top 10. Turkey also had seven of its universities placed in the top 100 list.

    2.  A Host of Scholarship Opportunities

    According to data from UNESCO, well over 3.6 million students enrolled in degree programs abroad at the turn of the decade. This represents a sharp increase compared to the state of affairs in the early 2000’s. Such a radical transformation can be directly attributed to the increased availability of scholarship opportunities. Emerging higher education destinations such as Turkey were identified as key contributors to this encouraging trend. It is worth noting that a vast majority of scholarships awarded to international students in Turkey are funding by the Turkish state.

    3.  Cost of Living and Study

    The cost of study and living will be your other consideration in your study abroad decision. Compared to other international student destinations, Turkey offers significantly lower annual tuition fees and much lower living expenses. According to the Mercer’s 2013 global cost of living rankings, Turkey’s metropolitan cities are in the very bottom row of the most expensive cities list.

    4.  Turkey is Friendly 

    Turks are known for their warmth and hospitality. You’ll soon be drinking çay (tea) and playing tavla (backgammon) with the locals and being invited round for breakfast by your neighbors. Most Turks enjoy meeting foreign visitors and practicing their English.

    5.  Turkey is Multicultural

    Turkey is literally a bridge between the East and the West, its landmass straddling both Europe and Asia. With close proximity to Africa too, it is a cultural melting pot where people of all cultures and faiths can feel at home. Indeed, more than 30,000 international students come here to study, with growing numbers coming from continental Europe, Africa, the United States and Asia.

    6.  University Industry Cooperation

    Regarding the link between university-industry, starting with the year 2000, many techno-parks and technology development centers have been established within the university campuses. The Law on Technology Development Centers, which entered into force in 2001, draws the framework for the legal status of these institutions. As of 2014, there are 32 technology development centers operating and an additional 11 are under construction in different universities. Associate Degree qualifications are also included in Turkish higher education system. Within this degree, universities offer two-year programs, all of which are vocational oriented and at the end of the study period, graduates are expected to be employed as intermediate staff in related sectors. The curriculum design of these programs is done in such a way that gives the student the opportunity to do their internships in firms of the related sectors.

    7. It has a rich history
    Turkey is an open-air museum, full of ancient sites and ruins that bear testament to the many civilisations that emerged or flourished here, including Greek, Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman. Here you will find the world’s best-preserved Neolithic settlement at Çatalhöyük, the famous city of Troy and the statues of Greek and Persian gods on Mount Nemrut, described by Unesco as the 8th wonder of the world.