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Apply to travel, study, work or immigrate to Canada, apply for citizenship, a permanent resident card.

Are you involved in Canada's immigration but not sure how? Whether you want Canada to be your temporary or permanent home, the most up to date information is crucial to have access to.
This section will help you answer: How do I immigrate to Canada?
Our section on Immigration to Canada has three main categories to consider for you: Permanent Residence: Services for long-term citizenship, including economic services (including Express Entry) and family sponsorship.
Study permits: permission to study at accredited universities, with the option of
working during and after your studies, and opportunities for transfer to permanent residence.
Business visa option: If you think you are eligible to apply through this option then click it and check the eligibility criteria.
Click on the most appropriate situation from the options on left to find out which option(s) might be available for you and your family to move to Canada, if appropriate.

If you are protected by more than one of the given circumstances, we encourage you to start your research with the situation you mention first.

Please also test the other possible option(s) though Don't lose heart if none of the situations listed apply to you – you may still be eligible for immigration to Canada.

Check out the range of options outlined to find out which path may be right for you, and use the Government of Canada's Come to Canada Wizard to check your eligibility.